Christian blended family - Our story

About Us

On March 20, 2010, we became we took two families and made one big family.
We've had our share of hard times but we are stronger than before.

On March 19, 2010, Scott sustained second and third degree burns to his left hand and arm. We continued on with the wedding on March 20, 2010.

We have had our fair share of trials and tests and, with the help of God, we have always made it through. We have become stronger and more resilient.

We decided around our sixth anniversary to put this website online and share a little bit of our lives with you.

Each member of our house has their own blog on this site. You will find our individual blogs below.

  • Love

    Without Love we would be nothing.

  • Patience

    Sometimes it is hard to have patience, but we have to.

  • Family Time

    We are working toward more of this.

  • Patience

    Did we mention patience?

Our Family

We are the Daugherty's. Christi often times refers to us as Darty's.
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Scott Daugherty

Husband, Dad, Stepdad
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Scott spends a lot of time working in a chemical plant. During his off time, he enjoys fishing and hunting with the kids. Also, he really enjoys Jackson Academy football.
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Christi Daugherty

Wife, Mom, Stepmom, Foundation
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Christi spends most of her days keeping our house moving like an oiled machine. During her spare time (yeah, right), Christi enjoys watching the kids play ball, watching the girls cheer, and spending time with Scott.
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Patrick Daugherty

Son, Stepson, Philantropist
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Patrick likes trains and turtles. When he is at home, he enjoys playing video games and annoying his sister and stepsister. Patrick especially enjoys his chores.
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Kayla Payne

Daughter, Stepdaughter, Sister, Stepsister, Cheerleader
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Kayla is active with the church youth group, being a cheerleader, and a very impressive guitarist.
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Morgan Daugherty

Daughter, Stepdaughter, Sister, Stepsister, Vocalist
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Morgan moved in with us full time in January 2016. Morgan enjoys singing, drawing, cheering, and texting.